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October 27, 2013


Nancy Settle-Murphy

Mike, excellent analogy here! Your piece underscores the importance of well-articulated operating norms when it comes to planning and implementing virtual collaboration solutions. So many companies I work with have these great tools - notably SharePoint - and have no idea what they're really capable of because no one in the organization is responsible for showing them. As a result, many take the path of least resistance and simply revert to their "usual" ways of working. Here's to stronger collaboration between the infielders and outfielders! (And a rousing pep talk by a respected leader like Big Papi wouldn't hurt either!)

I plan to share your piece widely with my clients and colleagues. Wonderful blog!

Mike Gil

Thanks, Nancy, for the idea and your perspective. As my team works on building solutions that are "user-friendly," it helps us to be mindful of your point of view and your competency in creating users who are "solution friendly."

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