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February 13, 2012


Larry Hawes

Congrats to the entire KMA crew! This should let you continue the great work that you do at an even larger scale. Well done, Mike and team!

Mike Gil

You're too kind, Larry. Thanks for all the insight you've provided over the years. I look forward to continuing to see you in the Boston KM community for a long time to come. As Dan Keldsen suggested earlier: bigger, better, bolder! :-)

Jack Vinson

Congratulations to the KMA crew and to you, Mike. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Next time we are in the same place, I'd love to hear more.

Mike Gil

Thanks, Jack, I'm interested to see where this goes as well. I hope to catch up soon at a local KM event.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege to work closely with your team as we joined our efforts to further grow your KMA SharePoint practice. I have come to recognize the KMA brand: thought leader, trusted advisor, and high-integrity business partner. Mike, I'm so excited for you! Celebrate this moment and congratulations, Mike, for your vision, crafting the strategy and buildling the execution plan to achieve all of this. Wishing you continued success with your new chapter at Sentri!!!!


Congrats, Mike! Sounds like exciting times lie ahead. -Tom

Mike Gil

Barrie and Tom, thank you! I hope it's sufficiently clear from my post that we stand on the shoulders of giants. Lots of very talented people helped get us to where we are, and I'm thrilled to continue to work with a sizable subset of them on the other side of this transition/integration to get to the next level!

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