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February 07, 2011



Don Norman had an interesting comment along these lines in his latest book (Living with Complexity). His starting point is the real world: if I make a mistake in the physical world, there is often not a graceful failure. I push the wrong button and nothing happens, or I break things and learn not to do that again. He makes a connection back to design in general: incorrect actions should become more obvious, rather than trying to account for every possible mistake and coding around them.

That said, your examples are more mistakes made on the backend (by the designer) than by the user. It shouldn't be the user's fault for using IE6 or an old computer that doesn't render your graphics beautifully.

Mike Gil

Thanks, Jack, I will give Don Norman's book a look. It sounds interesting, and I've been spending more time reading about design and systems thinking as I've been exposed more to Web Development and interactive firm partners.

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