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March 24, 2010


Claire Alcock

Three cheers for the Enchantress of Numbers! We are celebrating Ada Lovelace over at TypePad today as well. We grabbed your mug image for the post - I hope you don't mind! It's here http://everything.typepad.com/blog/2010/03/our-kind-of-holiday-ada-lovelace-day.html

Mike Gil

Thanks for the shout-out, Claire! Thrilled that you could use my "mug shot." :-)

Happy ALD10!


I recently saw a speech by one of iRobot's founders, Helen Greiner, in which she said that when she was little, "not one person" told her she should be an engineer. She went on to say that she's concerned that half the population is being
"subtly and not so subtly" directed away from these career paths, and that we should be all encouraging young girls to become engineers, technologists, and scientists. At the end of the speech she gives four suggestions for the steps we can take now toward this end. Although I'm a day late to the Ada party I pass this on in the hope that it might help someone re-frame the way they give encouragement to that daughter, niece, or little sister:

Mike Gil

Thanks, Sadie. You should consider a career in technology -- you're quite good at it!

Teresa B.

Yes, it comes from home! We should encourage our daughters and grand daughters, nieces, sisters, to take a career in science and technology. It is so important that they know they can do it and change the world, not only in their personal lives but in the career they choose. Love this article.

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