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June 20, 2008



I agree with you w/r/t utility/ubiquity. Saying a tag cloud is the equivalent of a mullet is kind of like saying the trip odometer on your car is passé. If you use it correctly, it can be a helpful tool.

Mike Gil

...and it gets better, based on new innovation.

I had an interesting conversation with an IBMer on Friday about an example of a way to use this tool for measuring ROI from social networking, a popular topic among our customers and researchers alike:

Many Eyes has a "slider" to control the level at which it summarizes content into tag clouds (far left = 1 word, far right = every word used more than once)

So, take the slider waaay to the left and summarize a whole blog post (or series of posts) into 1-3 words, then compare those words to what that blogger and that blogger's boss get paid on.

Talk about a quick "sniff test" for ROI from social networking...

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