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June 17, 2008



How fun to happen upon this entry. Doug has been a very good friend for a lot of years, it always surprises me when someone sites his speeches. We just figure it's Doug rambling. He just can't help himself.

Typical example (Only Doug would nominate the sitting Govenor by recalling a convention he attended with Kay many many years ago.)


Mike Gil

Thanks for the note, Carol. I was interested to learn, upon sitting on the Partner Advisory Council for the Convergence event/show a few years ago, that Doug's keynotes were consistently BOTH the highest and the lowest rated of all (either you love his style, or you don't, apparently). If he doesn't end up representing North Dakota in government somewhere, I hope he starts to write books, in which case the likes of Michael Pollan will have lots to worry about. Convergence certainly isn't the same without his keynotes...

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