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March 18, 2008


Deanne Damato

Sounds like a must read. Thanks for sharing the info!


I'm nearly finished reading this book, and every day it makes me think of how the widely-adopted software we use in the office, and promote to our clients, falls short of enabling some of these concepts - e.g. giving any/all end-users the ability to tag, comment on, and rate documents on an intranet - easily and intuitively.

Your email-in-folders point makes me wonder if e-mail software needs a little improvement too. I often find myself adding keywords to a subject line so that I'll be able to search on those terms later (especially because so many emails have useless subject lines ("today's meeting"), and the body of the message often does not state the subject explicitly, or abbreviates it, or spells it differently than I would); could my rudimentary tagging be improved and enabled by, say, a "keywords" field on every message, editable by sender and recipients?

Mike Gil

Thanks for building on my ideas, Sadie. I did a little research on your topic and intend to look into this. Check out:


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