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December 12, 2007


A Sane Person

If you actually like the new ribbon and believe there was no need for Microsoft to include a classic mode, I suggest you commit yourself to an insane asylum since your insanity is the only explanation for this.

Mike Gil

Sane Person, it sounds like you've found this change frustrating. Many people, especially those highly skilled in Office applications, have shared similar thoughts. It certainly has taken time and effort to get used to the new ribbon interface. I personally found it easier to not have the old menu system as a crutch during the transition, but opinions vary several people to whom I've spoken have found the training resources and tools described here of great use.

I've pined for the old UI, but I've also pined for internet tools like FTP, Gopher and Veronica, green-screen programs with a character-based interface and keyboard shortcuts ( ctrl-shift-F12 to close a menu, anyone?), the rotary phone in my parents' kitchen growing up, etc. I've managed the change OK without being committed. So far.

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